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Can I share my account with family and friends?

A User account on is intended for one individual or household, with a limited number of simultaneous devices.   It must not be shared outside your household, with a larger group, or posted anywhere online. We rely on our Users to be honest and forthright.   Misuse of a account deprives us of the revenue we depend on to maintain this service and pay our Content Providers.  If you enjoy our Content, please tell your friends and family to sig...View All

Do you offer Free Trials?

Due to contractual terms with our Content Providers, we currently do not offer Free Trials for Pay-Per-View or Subscription Content. However, many programs on tvChaz are free to view after Registering, including our TV Channels and Kids Retro. We hope you enjoy all our free content, and invite you to also sample our Exclusive and Limited Presentations paid Content. Thank you for visiting

Do you offer discounts Coupons or group discounts?

Discount coupon codes are often available on our Facebook, twitter and Instagram, or via emails sent to Registered Visitors.Please be sure you are registered with a valid email address and follow us on social media to receive these offers.Due to contractual terms with our Content Providers, we currently do not currently offer group discounts. However, many programs on tvChaz are free to view after Registering, including our TV Channels and Kids Retro.Please enjoy all our free...View All

Can I use PayPal?

Sorry, we do not offer PayPal at this time.  Our payment processor STRIPE is quick and secure.  Stripe is trusted by some of the world's largest companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Uber, Lyft, Nasdaq and Zillow. Your payment is totally secure with and Stripe.

Is tvChaz on social media?

Yes! Follow us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.         

Why do I have to Register?

Due to contract requirements with our Content Providers and other copyright holders of the video available on, we must provide them with an accurate reporting of visitors.  Please note that we take your privacy very seriously.  We do not share your name or email with them.  Only the number of unique visitors, approximate time and date, country location, and what video was watched.  Asking for you to Register and then use the Login function ...View All

I'd like to offer my program or series on How do I do that?

TvChaz endeavors to offer the best of Christian media from around the world, and we are constantly looking for new programs.  You can contact our Program Acquisition Department by sending an email to:  Be sure to include your name, email and phone number.  Give us a brief description of your program or series.  Provide links to your website or content.   You may include a PDF document with program information, but do not send us video ...View All

I missed a recent Exclusive or Limited Presentation. Will it be offered again?

We are sorry you missed one of your favorites.  The availability of each program or series in set by contract with the copyright holder, speaker or performing artist.  In some cases we will be able to offer it again at a later date.  Please visit often to see our upcoming programs.Follow us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for program updates and discount coupons.          

What devices can I use to watch tvChaz ?

You can watch through the web browser on your PC or Mac.  You can also watch via the web browser on your handheld device like a phone or tablet, and on some 'smart TVs' that have a web browser.  The website is 'responsive', meaning it will scale and reorient for most web viewing devices.  However due to the huge variety of computers, tablets, TVs, etc. available, we can't guarantee it will work perfectly every time.  If you have trouble viewing, be sure your d...View All

I am a registered User. Why am I unable to watch free content like TV Channels?

To watch any free video content, you must first login to the tvChaz website.

Help! I'm having trouble watching TV Channels on my computer.

Be sure that your operating system and browsers have all available updates. Each TV Channel is provided by the individual TV Channel partner - who use a variety of player types and delivery services.  We have no control over their choice of technology for the delivery of their channel.  If you select a TV Channel and the screen changes but does not beginning playing, look for and click on a play button in the center or lower left.   If the screen is totally black, wait a...View All

How can I go back to the Content Landing Page or Home Page while watching a video?

On the player there is a back icon / graphic " <--"  in the top left hand corner.   If you don't see it, move your mouse around in the upper left hand corner and it will appear. Click on this back button to go back to the Content Landing Page or Home Page (depending on where you were previously).

Can I play/pause video using my keyboard?

Yes, you can press the SPACEBAR of your keyboard to play/pause the video.

Can I cancel my Subscription or Pre-Paid Order?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription or pre-paid order at any time. Use the Send Us A Message link at the bottom of the page.  Provide us with your User Email address and the reason for your cancellation.  Note that you normally cannot cancel paid content after the start date or if you have already watched some or all of the Content.  However we would like to hear from you if there is a problem with the Content and will carefully consider all reasonable cancel...View All
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